Overdue LeMons South Update

Well, Fully Torqued Racing has dropped the ball on posting an update from our race weekend in Kershaw, SC, but we’re heading up to Loudon for out next race in an RV and have a few hours to kill on our ride up.

LeMons South was a comedy of errors from start to finish…

About 30 minutes into our 7 hour drive down to Charlotte, Lisa’s trailer got a flat and we spent over an hour trying to get the Uhaul peeps to swap it put for us.  The remainder of the ride went smoothly, which gave Josiah a chance to check out the local scene (and a few locals) in Charlotte…


We rolled into Carolina Motorsports Park ready to pass tech inspection and get some hot laps with on the track with our suspension improvements…things were looking up.  After about 30 laps of glory, one of our drivers calls in on the radio saying there was a loud sound of metal grinding on metal, and that he was getting towed off the track.  Sounded like it was going to be a long day.

And it was…the boot on our outer CV on the passenger’s side hadshredded, and the metal joint was completely mangled (below).  For those of you that don’t know…that’s a pretty important component for the car to roll.



We rolled (with clanking metal) up to tech inspection to find that our washers for the seats and belts we not considered sturdy enough to pass.  With two items on our agenda for the day, we frantically began calling every parts store within 100 miles to see if we could source a new drive axle.  Fortunately, a place about an hour away had the part we needed.  We split up to work on the washers as well and were fortunate to scrap up an assortment of “passable” washers from other teams.

Right about around this time, we got an update from the rest of our team on their way down…the GTI was only firing on 4 cylinders…things weren’t looking good.  Everything was breaking…our pets heads were falling off.

We were still waiting for the new part when it was time to drive our car through town in the LeMons parade.  Since we couldn’t drive, we decided to town our car through the parade using Al’s truck…haha embarrassing…oh well we were having fun and drinking beers.


As we rolled the car into town to our spot on the main street for the car show, our wheel bearing fell out, and front tire locked up completely…we had to jack up the front and roll the car on the jack…things were worse than ever.

Finally the past arrived, so we spent the rest of the block party putting in our new drive axle in the middle of town…everyone was getting a kick out of the team who had to tow their car and now had it in pieces in the middle of the street.


Eventually, we got everything buttoned up and were ready to race the next day.

Things started looking up on Saturday…the racing was amazing and our cars was fast…the suspension improvements turned out to be really good.  We did almost blowout a tire in the afternoon though.


Late in the afternoon, there was a tragic accident involving a heart attack and a driver from another team.  Racing ended for the day, and spirits were low.  On top of that, a huge storm rolled in, and we were forced to secure as much as we could and head to a local hotel for the night.

Sunday racing was delayed due to track repairs from the accident from the day before, but we got back on the track shortly after noon.  We got a few shifts in before blowing our second drive axle (the breand new one).  At this point (with only a few hours left and no part, we decided to pack up and head out with Currier in his new headress.  We stopped for some of Kershaw’s finest (Garden of Eat’n) and Bojangles on the way home.


It was a crazy weekend of ups and downs, but that’s LeMons and that’s why we do it.  See y’all in London.


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