Halloween Hooptiefest Roundup: Running on Fumes and a Little Bit of Luck

Sunday Afternoon Driving

Another great race weekend is in the books, and it truly was a great one at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway for the Halloween Hooptiefest. The car ran well, the drivers were focused, and everything kind of clicked for this race – maybe it was the “home course” feeling in New Hampshire or, just maybe, we are starting to get the hang of this Lemons thing.

The weekend started off with a great RV ride from the nation’s capital that included some Halo, some conference calls, and one of our more egregious driving errors of the weekend. Upon arriving in New Hampshire, we did what all good race teams do. No, not unpack the car – we popped open some beers and longboarded our way around the paddocks.

Despite the frigid temperatures (which some people braved by sleeping outside) the weather was great and we got a good test day in with only a few spinouts as people were getting used to the track. Some of the non-drivers took turns as passengers and experienced just how awesome the racing is.

Peter and Erin Test DriveErik and Pauline Test Drive

Friday night included some tomfoolery and some frosted table pong that tested the strength of our beer jackets. But have no fear, by Saturday morning, we were ready.  Race day one was good – the car ran well and the presence of some close friends and family gave the drivers some people to impress with their solid lap times. After the racing ended, we fired up the grill and opened up the coolers (i.e. the ground) and had another great night complete with some tip-worthy dancing in the now infamous “Rage Cage” as well as a late night haircut.

Frosted pong

Sunday was another great day with only some minor issues – a black flag for an accident we had and a little gas issue that is worth noting. Gas had been a bit of an issue all day because there was no fuel at the track (hungry cars the day before) and so we were being pretty careful as to how much gas we put into the car and when we were doing gas station runs. By Yoon-ki’s shift (the last one of the day) we were fueled up to get us to the end – or so we thought. At 4 (race ended at 4:30), Yoon-ki radioed in to say that the fuel light had come on and, not knowing how long that gas would last us, we had a choice to make – bring Yoon-ki in for a refueling that might cost us a top 10 time in our class or leave him out there to run the car, hoping that the fuel wouldn’t run out. It was our first foray into making a strategic racing decision – pretty awesome. So, we chose to let Yoon-ki run the car dry, hoping that it would last us for the now 20 minutes left and suit up two guys to go to the fueling station in case we needed to fuel up. It was a good decision – the care made it to the end and, just as it was exiting the track to go into the paddocks, the fumes coughed one last time and the car died. Now that is F1 kind of planning.

Results: 8th place in Class B, 42nd overall. Totally worth the suspense of an empty gas tank.  The leaderboard at NHMS showed the top 45 teams, and we were extremely excited to end the weekend on the board.

NHMS Leaderboard8th in class B

With race day over, we still had a little excitement left in our day. First, we won the Volvo 850Versus 21st Century GM Rental Car Challenge trophy  for being the fastest car in a “race-specific” category – awesome. Second, Peter almost lost a finger attaching the trailer to the truck – not awesome.


So that’s it for the 2013 season, but stay in touch, we will have some off-season news and announcements and, before you know it, it will be time to warm Lisa up for 2014.


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