Fully Torqued Racing Goes to Kershaw!

It’s been a long time since we’ve updated on our progress, but get ready for a slew of posts!

The weekend of September 22, we decided to check out a 24 Hours of Lemons race in Kershaw, SC, to see what the competition is like. We arrived after a 7-hour drive (that took 6 hours) and went to the car show and party.  We caught the end of the car parade, and chatted with a bunch of teams, including Speedy Cop.  It was at this time we realized that we are going to need to up our game.  Some of these teams are legit!  Afterwards, we went out on the town in Camden, SC, and learned the ring game, which we’re definitely bringing back to DC.

Saturday, six dudes woke up in a $40/night hotel room and got ready to head to the race.  We watched good portions of the race in between naps and were impressed by the overall quality of the cars involved.  Lunch was at a local joint called the Garden of Eat’n’.  Later, we did a post-race go-karting session.  Erik posted the best average lap time, while Peter had the single fastest lap.


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